1. Grilo updates!

    Nothing like talking about Grilo to keep the blog going and to be honest I have some interesting things to talk about.

    Grilo 0.3

    The major release happened almost 6 months ago and it has brought some API/ABI changes being my favourite the merge of all Grilo media ...


  2. One year

    It's been almost one year since my last blog post. One year since I got married and left Brazil to live in Czech Republic. In my last post I talked about all the changes I was passing through but no change is bigger than having a baby. Tereza has ...


  3. Hello new life

    Since the end of the Google Summer of Code 2014 so many things have happened that It is really hard to make a simple blog post about it... but I must try :)

    New job

    Well, along with the GSoC I've applied to a job at Red Hat and the ...