Victor Toso

Playing with Desktop Integration

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Thanks to a bug found in Spice’s drag and drop implementation, I was able to improve the integration of our guest agent (spice-vdagent) with the Desktop Session on Linux and Windows. I enjoyed the process to solve those problems so I thought a blog post could be interesting as well. The problem If you use Spice you might enjoy the feature of copying files from your client machine to the guest by simply using the drag and drop feature.

Grilo updates!

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Nothing like talking about Grilo to keep the blog going and to be honest I have some interesting things to talk about. Grilo 0.3 The major release happened almost 6 months ago and it has brought some API/ABI changes being my favourite the merge of all Grilo media types into GrlMedia (#755551); This introduces support from Grilo to different types of media! Well, to be pedantic, it was always possible to have different media types in Grilo on GrlMedia but it is more clear to applications by merging GrlMedia{Audio,Video,Image,Box} in GrlMedia; It should also help us to identify problems with media types that were not originally supported, such as #767182

One year

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It’s been almost one year since my last blog post. One year since I got married and left Brazil to live in Czech Republic. In my last post I talked about all the changes I was passing through but no change is bigger than having a baby. Tereza has almost 4 months now :) One year at Red Hat and Spice. Even with the great amount of things to do in personal and professional life, I want to keep making GNOME better as much as I can in my free time and thus I want to get back to blogging again.

Hello new life

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Since the end of the Google Summer of Code 2014 so many things have happened that It is really hard to make a simple blog post about it… but I must try :) New job Well, along with the GSoC I’ve applied to a job at Red Hat and the process ended in August. Since October 15th I am part of the Spice team and I will be working at the Brno office in Czech Republic.

GSoC Report #6 and #7

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Tuesday… Two weeks without posting again! Can I use as an excuse my grief for Brazil in this World Cup!? :) Well, actually I was somewhat busy studying… I’ll share what in a moment. In order to talk about what I’m working on I would like to explain one interesting feature that Grilo has. Cool thing in Grilo? You may know that Grilo uses plugins to fetch useful data to your application!

GSoC Report #4 and #5

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Hey :) I usually write my posts in the weekend when I do have more time to think about what I’ve done and what It is interesting to share. Sadly, two weekends ago I was ill due something I’ve eaten and now I’ll try to summarize two weeks in one post! The TVDB Is now upstream. Yay! The main care after implementing the cache with Gom was handling multiple requests of the same TV Show in a short period of time (concurrency).

GSoC 2014 Report #3 - gom

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gom Most of the work I’ve being doing since last report is improving the TVDB source in Grilo Plugins in order to have a cache for all data that you have once downloaded from I’m doing that with gom. At first I thought it was a bit complicated as creating sql queries directly is easier. But under the hood gom does a lot of useful things that you don’t even need to bother thinking.

GSoC 2014 Report #2 - The TVDB - Tests and Libs

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Keep moving! One of the great features of the TVDB is all the image gallery that they have and provide. To get as much interesting data as possible using Grilo we need to extend our source and a great way to do it is through creating custom metadata-keys. With these newly created metadata-keys the TVDB source can now provide an url to the most voted Fanart, Poster and Banner of the tv show.

GSoC 2014 Report #1 - The TVDB

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Start This is the first weekend since the beginning of GSoC coding period and it has been satisfactory. For those that have no clue on what I’ll be working on this summer, part of it is implementing TV Shows support in GNOME Videos! In order to provide all information necessary to the interface, we will be using Grilo with the The TVDB source which is what I’m working on at the moment.

Google Summer of Code 2014

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Another great summer is coming I was accepted, once again, at Google Summer of Code program! I am really excited with the project. I’ll have fun with Grilo again by implementing a few new plugins and integrating them to Videos and Music. Check the wiki of the project for more info. Many thanks to Google for this amazing program and to Bastien, which will be mentoring me during this period.