About Victor Toso

I am Brazilian by birth (from São Paulo) and Italian due my ancestry. I am living in Brno - Czech Republic with my family. Here I work at Red Hat in the Spice project together with the Desktop team.

I try to manage my time by having fun with my family and working in projects that excites me. I’m always interested in the great game of Go (even though I’m weak) and also do-it-yourself and woodworking projects (even though I’m not doing much myself).

This blog is about me sharing information related to projects I’m working on although I plan to share travel and family information so my friends and family in Brazil can lighten the distance a bit.

I’m mostly interested in projects related to multimedia and virtualization but also GNOME which is where all the fun happens.

Note: This blog is also my playground to play with web related technologies when I’m wiling or due any random necessity.



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