Step by step

2 minute read Published: 2013-05-14

Time goes by when you finally finish your 18 years studying things that people said you need to learn. Finally you start doing more and more things that you want to do. Learning what you think is interesting and working with what you love.

I'm entering in a new phase of my life.

I've been working in a few projects that made most of my days goes by in a blink of an eye. Which is something that would make most of us really happy.

But it was recently that I felt a different kind of happiness with my work.

I was studying how Grilo works to use it in small project of mine.

Out of curiosity, I began to have more interest in how exactly Grilo works and the features that were expected to its future. It was about time to GSoC period start and I felt quite comfortable at seeking guidance with Grilo developers to share my will to help.

A little more than a month since my first contact with the community and I'm still trying to make some code reach upstream a plugin but... what amazing experience this has been!

I didn't know Magnatune until Juan introducing it to me. It's really nice (check it out).

Even if some audio players have already a good Magnatune plugin (like Rhythmbox), the plugin I'm working on could be useful for others applications that may be integrated with Grilo.

The feeling of usefulness that I rarely felt with others projects I have worked, I found after this time I've spent with Grilo.

I'm really excited with all this. I'm learning a lot and I truly believe that I can help a lot more.

Step by step, giving back to the community what I've been using for so many years!