Magnatune upstream and GSoC

1 minute read Published: 2013-05-28

I was having a busy week until this Sunday which happened to be my birthday!

I just made 25 years old and the celebration with my family was remarkable.

I'm just happy with such great family.

But besides my family, two amazing things made this last three days quite unforgettable.

First, my first code to an open source community reached the upstream! As posted by Juan, within the 0.2.8 release of grilo-plugins is included the Magnatune plugin.

I'm really glad about it! Thanks to Juan and Bastien for all suggestions and for reviewing the patches!

Second, I was accepted at Google Summer of Code program to keep working with grilo! I'll make a proper introducing of the project later this week but the reader can have an idea at the abstract page.

Thanks to GNOME and Google for it.

A lot is happening and I'm full of good expectations.