Lua, Lyrics and GUADEC

2 minute read Published: 2013-06-09

First of all, as a good beginner in blogging I have promised that

I'll make a proper introducing of the project later this week

which I did not. Sorry for that. I hope to do it soon.

I've been studying Lua since last weekend with the good guidance of the Programming in Lua (written by Roberto Ierusalimschy as a way to improve my lua skills. Actually, before starting reading this book I thought my knowledge of lua was _ok because it is easy to understand and make some code. Naive!

Lua is simple but we can do a lot with it. The book is helping me to really understand how powerful Lua can be. Actually, I don't think that all I'm learning is necessary to implement plugins. I keep studying because I'm enjoying Lua. :)

I've started the lua-plugin that I'll be using in the next steps of my GSoC project. It'll be about Lyrics, using an available API of Metrolyrics. This plugin will help me for the next 4 weeks or so with a subset of Grilo functions.

Good news is that I'll attend to GUADEC in Brno, Czech Republic in August. It will be an amazing trip and I'll hopefully meet some of the people that helped me to achieve all this.