Planet, GSoC project and Brazil

2 minute read Published: 2013-06-24

First of all, hello everybody from Planet Gnome! This is the first post that will take place there. It is a really nice community where I've been learning always something new from the past 5 months. I hope I can put some interesting hacks for you guys.

Thank you Alberto Ruiz for including me.

I was accepted in GSoC this year to be working with Grilo. It is a really nice project which I'm always having some fun while coding. I'm being mentored by Juan Suarez who has been always helpful with my problems.

Grilo is basically a framework to get content through plugins. A lot of plugins were made already and all were written in C. My GSoC project is about making possible to write plugins in Lua.

About the project itself, I'll be writing a glue-code between Grilo and Lua. They'll be tagged as lua-factory as the c code dealing with lua; and grilo-library as a library written in c to be used by the lua-plugins.

I tried to make a simple design to represent how grilo and grilo-plugins works now and where my code will take place.

Design of Grilo + Grilo Plugins with Lua-Factory and Lua sources

The 'search' is one of the subset commands that Grilo can request.

The progress in the moment I'm writing this post is that the lyric plugin get the content (by 'search' and 'browse') and I'm able to load the plugin with my current lua-factory but can't perform any command yet.

I guest this is it about GSoC for now :)

I would also like to say to those who followed me here, we have at least three Brazilians interns in GNOME this year: Rafael Fonseca, Melissa Wen and myself. Brazil is in such crazy historical moment right now.

If you know absolute nothing about it please do :)

To finish this post, this beautiful GNOME cup that my girlfriend gave to me in my birthday.