The unpredictable, GSoC report and next steps

2 minute read Published: 2013-07-17

Oh boy, there are things that can slow you down. It's been three weeks since my last post, in this short period of time I had a car accident ( I'm 100% alright! ), one root canal treatment (with a good dose of pain), my girlfriend moved to another city... Oh well, too many headaches in three weeks!

But when I was in good mood (or healthy enough) here I was, in front of this screen trying to make good code to Grilo... and I like the achievements so far. Lets take a look.

I started to implement the Metrolyrics plugin before writing any C code to Grilo in order to have a lua-based plugin to use. A lot of this plugin has changed to work with lua-factory. For those who don't remember, lua-factory is part of grilo-plugins, and it is the glue-code in charge to load-and-use the lua-plugins.

In this moment, we can use the Search, Browse, Query and Resolve operations from Grilo to this lua-plugin.

As the lua code needs some help from C to perform a few operations, lua-library was created to be a module to lua. This module has two functions implemented: Fetch, to perform async fetch from web and Callback, to return the content to the application.

A lot has to be done yet. Hopefully without any personal headache :)

For instance:

I will be writing a new lua-plugin this week and I'm trying to choose between Soundcloud or Both have the necessary features to be implemented that Metrolyrics lacks for Grilo.

Well, I intend to make my next post in Brno before GUADEC and another post after with much more GNOMExperience...