GSoC 2014 Report #1 - The TVDB

2 minute read Published: 2014-05-24


This is the first weekend since the beginning of GSoC coding period and it has been satisfactory. For those that have no clue on what I'll be working on this summer, part of it is implementing TV Shows support in GNOME Videos!

In order to provide all information necessary to the interface, we will be using Grilo with the The TVDB source which is what I'm working on at the moment.


The TVDB is an "open database for television fans" and it is just awesome. This database provides tons of information and images of series and episodes in several languages. It is a great source for Grilo and will fulfill completely our need.

I strongly recommend a little browsing in the image gallery which has banners, fan art, posters like House, Breaking Bad. They have animes too like Naruto or Evangelion.

Grilo Source: grl-thetvdb

The first version is up on bugzilla not ready to upstream yet but it is functional. At this stage I'm not holding the data locally in any form. Every time the application request something to grl-thetvdb it will fetch the data from which is poor design.

But thats all I've got for this first week!