GSoC 2014 Report #2 - The TVDB - Tests and Libs

2 minute read Published: 2014-06-03

Keep moving!

One of the great features of the TVDB is all the image gallery that they have and provide. To get as much interesting data as possible using Grilo we need to extend our source and a great way to do it is through creating custom metadata-keys.

With these newly created metadata-keys the TVDB source can now provide an url to the most voted Fanart, Poster and Banner of the tv show.


I had included a few tests in the first week but it was just to show that the source was usable. The current version of the tests check if the source is finding the right data in a resolve operation.

Simple enough but helped a lot finding bugs already :)


Well, I thought it would be nice to point a few libraries that I have never used before implementing this source:

Hopefully I'm going to finish the coding of the TVDB source soon enough and then I'll be starting the integration with Totem GNOME Videos. I'm really excited to see all work combined.


Beautiful GNOME-shaped soap. Smells so good!