GSoC 2014 Report #3 - gom

2 minute read Published: 2014-06-10


Most of the work I've being doing since last report is improving the TVDB source in Grilo Plugins in order to have a cache for all data that you have once downloaded from

I'm doing that with gom.

At first I thought it was a bit complicated as creating sql queries directly is easier. But under the hood gom does a lot of useful things that you don't even need to bother thinking. It is good to see that it was moved to

Also, It was really good to see Magnatune working when I was reading the last post from Sai. It was my first patch to GNOME :). I'm thinking about updating the Magnatune source with gom in the near future and probably with more features. Let's see!

Note: One could check the thetvdb source patches here.


The integration with GNOME Videos! I'm excited to see this working :)


Oh yeah! I loved last year conference and I wouldn't miss this year. Thanks very much to the GNOME Foundation for helping out with the sponsorship.

GNOME rocks!