One year

1 minute read Published: 2015-10-15

It's been almost one year since my last blog post. One year since I got married and left Brazil to live in Czech Republic. In my last post I talked about all the changes I was passing through but no change is bigger than having a baby. Tereza has almost 4 months now :)

One year at Red Hat and Spice.

Even with the great amount of things to do in personal and professional life, I want to keep making GNOME better as much as I can in my free time and thus I want to get back to blogging again.

I've finally managed to migrate from Blogger to Pelican so I hope that more personal posts like this one will not be part of Planet GNOME in the future :)

I also plan to blog more about personal stuff such as being a father or living abroad. I hope that it can ease the distance from family and friends in Brazil.

This one year was just crazy. Time flies and nothing like raising a child to realize that.