Grilo updates!

3 minute read Published: 2016-06-09

Nothing like talking about Grilo to keep the blog going and to be honest I have some interesting things to talk about.

Grilo 0.3

The major release happened almost 6 months ago and it has brought some API/ABI changes being my favourite the merge of all Grilo media types into GrlMedia (#755551); This introduces support from Grilo to different types of media!

Well, to be pedantic, it was always possible to have different media types in Grilo on GrlMedia but it is more clear to applications by merging GrlMedia{Audio,Video,Image,Box} in GrlMedia; It should also help us to identify problems with media types that were not originally supported, such as #767182

I expect this change will increase the interest in Grilo for a whole new set of applications. For instance, with TheGamesDB source we got support to metadata for Games (#766678) and I'm excited to see how Kekun will be using this in the gnome-games project!


A few other plugins have landed upstream as well. I've mentioned TheGamesDB before but we also have iTunes Podcast, both written by Bastien.

I was able to finally finish a plugin related to my GSoC in 2014: AcoustID. In the end, we decided to split the audio decoding and the audio's fingerprint generation in one plugin called Chromaprint and another plugin that actually fetch data on AcoustID web service.

It took some time and the learning process was quite great by learning GStreamer from scratch. As always, many thanks to Bastien for the guidance and also to thiagoss by helping out with the GStreamer bits :-)

PS: Three of the four plugins above were written in Lua :-)

Google Summer of Code 2016

And we already are in the development phase of GSoC 2016! As always, exciting projects in GNOME.

I'm particularly interested in Music this year. Gaurav Narula is working to have ownCloud Support and Saiful Khan will be making Audio Tag Editing possible from Music. The #gnome-music channel has been quite active by having interesting and amusing discussions. I guess this will be a good year for Music.

Big expectations as well with Alexandru Visarion working on Boxes in order to have More Spice Features

I wish all the students a great learning experience.

Other news

Grilo has piqued my interest since before 2013 as neat project that I could be using in one Set-Top Box that I had in hands; it then became the project for my first free software contribution; it has been nearly two years since my second GSoC but I'm still having fun with Grilo.

So, you could imagine how happy I am to become co-maintainer to this great project :)