Hello new life

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Since the end of the Google Summer of Code 2014 so many things have happened that It is really hard to make a simple blog post about it… but I must try :) New job Well, along with the GSoC I’ve applied to a job at Red Hat and the process ended in August. Since October 15th I am part of the Spice team and I will be working at the Brno office in Czech Republic.

Brno, GUADEC and Grilo

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Brno is amazing. Just amazing. The people from here try to be helpfull even if they don’t speak a single word in English. The food is really good and quite cheap and the city is beautiful! I’m glad that I still have time for another tour around! Well, travelling without many concerns, meeting amazing people and with the opportunity to learn things you love… GUADEC has been an amazing experience.