Planet, GSoC project and Brazil

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First of all, hello everybody from Planet Gnome! This is the first post that will take place there. It is a really nice community where I’ve been learning always something new from the past 5 months. I hope I can put some interesting hacks for you guys. Thank you Alberto Ruiz for including me. I was accepted in GSoC this year to be working with Grilo. It is a really nice project which I’m always having some fun while coding.

Lua, Lyrics and GUADEC

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First of all, as a good beginner in blogging I have promised that I'll make a proper introducing of the project later this week which I did not. Sorry for that. I hope to do it soon. I’ve been studying Lua since last weekend with the good guidance of the Programming in Lua (written by Roberto Ierusalimschy as a way to improve my lua skills. Actually, before starting reading this book I thought my knowledge of lua was _[ok]() because it is easy to understand and make some code.