GSoC 2014 Report #3 - gom

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gom Most of the work I’ve being doing since last report is improving the TVDB source in Grilo Plugins in order to have a cache for all data that you have once downloaded from I’m doing that with gom. At first I thought it was a bit complicated as creating sql queries directly is easier. But under the hood gom does a lot of useful things that you don’t even need to bother thinking.

Magnatune upstream and GSoC

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I was having a busy week until this Sunday which happened to be my birthday! I just made 25 years old and the celebration with my family was remarkable. I’m just happy with such great family. But besides my family, two amazing things made this last three days quite unforgettable. First, my first code to an open source community reached the upstream! As posted by Juan, within the 0.2.8 release of grilo-plugins is included the Magnatune plugin.

Step by step

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Time goes by when you finally finish your 18 years studying things that people said you need to learn. Finally you start doing more and more things that you want to do. Learning what you think is interesting and working with what you love. I’m entering in a new phase of my life. I’ve been working in a few projects that made most of my days goes by in a blink of an eye.