GSoC last week, GNOME final report! :)

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It’s been a while since my last post just after GUADEC. I’ve lost some time in August due moving to a new place in Campinas with two friends of mine. It was three weeks ago and I’m still feeling tired (I’m taking some time to get used with this new place). Since then, I’m working on grilo-plugins and this post is all about what I’ve accomplished and what are the next steps after GSoC.

The unpredictable, GSoC report and next steps

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Oh boy, there are things that can slow you down. It’s been three weeks since my last post, in this short period of time I had a car accident ( I’m 100% alright! ), one root canal treatment (with a good dose of pain), my girlfriend moved to another city… Oh well, too many headaches in three weeks! But when I was in good mood (or healthy enough) here I was, in front of this screen trying to make good code to Grilo… and I like the achievements so far.

Lua, Lyrics and GUADEC

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First of all, as a good beginner in blogging I have promised that I'll make a proper introducing of the project later this week which I did not. Sorry for that. I hope to do it soon. I’ve been studying Lua since last weekend with the good guidance of the Programming in Lua (written by Roberto Ierusalimschy as a way to improve my lua skills. Actually, before starting reading this book I thought my knowledge of lua was _[ok]() because it is easy to understand and make some code.